Humanity has reached the next stage of consiousness evolution
to become closer to God.

We noticed injustice around us.
Justice isn’t something you can buy online with a simple click.
Justice and what it stands for, has to come from within the heart of every person that desires to act under God’s watchful eye.
Nobody comes around and hands it to you, however together we are able to deliver justice by the way how we act.

We will support you with your action to deliver justice.

Overstand, stand over the words, that is our prophecy!

Within a system which denies the existence of basic rights, fear tends to be leading … fear of germs, illness or to hug … losing your health, income, friends … getting to be in prison or to die.

Yet even under the most crushing state rules, courage and resistance rises up because love is a stronger force and fear is not a natural state of men.

The opposite of fear is faith. Faith works through the spirit and the spirit is love that keeps us safe from negativity. With Love we are able to heal and to forgive others and ourselves.

Freedom starts when Fear ends to become the change the World needs

Dolores Cannon helped many people around the world to understand the problems and issues we face in our current life
by firstly understanding our past

All social divisions are entirely artificial and is the inheritance of an unenlightened human history.

Genesis and Colossians tells us that God created all visible and invisible things and that, “…By Him all things consist”, initiating his vibration in the Genesis account of creation. Latest leading research tells us that the Holy Spirit vibrated over nuclear matter to energize it, called the 432 Hz frequency: Earth Shumann resonance.

Dolores Cannon
Why the Earth is raising it’s frequency
Hopi Prohecy: Great Change is coming

Time Evolves: First there is a purification time … then a renewal time … Evil is dying from within because it’s forgotten the instructions how to live by God.

We are Onewhether this essence be referred to as the Great Spirit, Gaia, the Goddess, Jehovah, the Earth Mother, the All Seeing Eye of Existence, Consciousness, Unified Field Dynamics or simply God, is of no matter. The real understanding and self mastery of consciousness and the responsible use is the remedy for modern ills.

We support courage the world needs to fight injustice

For the New Earth, humanitarians will pave the way to restore the planet with the help of technologies that have been hidden, to stop hunger, poverty, so that no one is left homeless and so that no child will suffer again.

You are invited to bring in your Projects plan or idea’s to help Humanity. Also when you have special skillsets or knowledge please introduce yourself

May the light of God shine upon you and bless you!

Vincent Callebaut Arthitecture
Eco-tourism-resort design
Inspirited by the Philippines
natural cost line forms

The People from the Great Emerald Archipel islands
take their Culture and Values serious.
“To live in a state of heaven is our origin”,
that’s our wish for the whole world.