The Revolution continues

10-12-1898 The Treaty of Paris was made up and concluded with the conditions, obligations and the benefits that Spain & United States would enjoy over the ceded islands
they called the Paris Treaty an instrument of Peace

The ratification of the “Peace Treaty” was significant to American foreign policy for three reasons:
1. the treaty marked the end of the Spanish-American War.
2. it gave the U.S. control over Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines.
3. it entry the U.S. into Asia and the race for global supremacy.

Going from Spanish to American colonization, now the Philippinas became an overseas territory of the USA.

When the US accepted the Philippines as a vassal country from Spain, the new governor Gen. Taft appointed Jose Rizal as a National Hero, what was a strategy to douse the fighting fervor of the Filipinos who where fighting for freedom at that time.

But the “Pen” did not give-up his fight and did not stop his writing …

God is the creator & owner of Heaven & Earth,
founder of NATURAL LAW since creation
and all authority emanates from God.

All 7 Nation Leaders were convinced about this formula who’s instruction was written to unite mankind and prevent war.
On the agenda was Natural Court Law instruction given and presented Jan. 1963 at the White House Washington D.C and
April 1964 in the Legislative Congress of the Philippines
by Judge Pijao.

October 24-25 ,1966

Seven World Leaders attented on the Manilla Summit Conference to prevent War.
On the agenda: International Police Power Authority under God – Natural Court Law.

All Presidents take their constitutional oath with their hand on the Bible and take an oath before God hat they will uphold the Constitution … the same with Congress and Supreme Court Justices.

Aks yourself what Bible, what God …
Rome not only crusified Jesus but also Christianity to death:
Jesus Christ died for us on the cross and took away our Sin” read again and realize that Jesus innocent death was the Sin!
To contineu Sin, is by Jesus death allowed, by his Crusifixion?
member how Jose Rizal resist the Jezuit priest to kiss the Crucifix …

This is the Awakening …
It is now clear that the Vatican, who worship Satan and it’s allien driven AI tech cause major global problems of de-forest starvation, disease, crime, violence, immorality, greed, corruption, injustice in governments, business and all levels of society.

During the Manilla Summit the authority of the author Judge PIJAO was confirmed with the patrimonial CLAIM for territorial jurisdiction Land Natural Resources signed by him and his Institution H-World.

The Judge Patrimonial claim was accepted by the 7 nation leaders, presented to the UN under Secretary General U’Thant Jan 24, 1967.
Confirmed, sponsored and broadcasted by the United Nations
that All authorities emanates only from God and will be appointed from Judge Pijao Divine Government: Heaven’s-World (H-World).

This is why The Philippines changed the Constitution into a Parliamentary Government: meaning  the new Government replaced Article II sec.1 of the old Constitution: “.

the Philippines is a republican state & souvereignty resides in the people
where all Government authority emanates from

Pres. Marcos did not declare JUDGE PIJAO’s identity but only his aka name’ “the UNKNOWN PALACEMAN”. The consequences are that The Nation Constitution still is not signed with Court Judicial Sanctity with Natural Law Police Power Authority.

HERBERT ARMSTRONG’s mentioned the agreed Manilla Summit plan in his book chapter “Tomorrow’s World Governmental Structure”

Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) began printing and distributing

but …
the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
ruled that this was in violation of U.S. copyright laws and instructed the trial court to enter an injunction against the Philadelphia Church.

In that way the Ninth Circuit Court prohibe the printing and publishing Mystery of Ages and it arrange a trial with the WCG Churth of entering a judgment for damages.

Pending the trial, a legal settlement was reached to dismiss the lawsuit, in which the Philidelphia Church agreed to pay the WCG Church for “damage” and the Philidelphia Church sold the Mystery of Ages and other works written by Herbert Armstrong.

The Churches accepted the settlement, and as a consequence Herbert Armstrong no longer owns the rights and not able to distribute the Mystery of Ages.

Mystery of ages now availible:

To fortell the destiny of a Nation,
it is necessary to open the book of the past again and again to connect the dots

Truth needs no understanding, it is self evident,
it requires awareness which is innate, logic and real emotion
in motion what express itself by the intention behind it.

Artist Juan Luna was born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte in October 23, 1857. He became an apprentice officer, a position that took him to many places in Asia. But every time he’d come back to Manila, Luna would take painting lessons at the Academia de Dibujo y Pintura.
His first art tutor spotted the young painter’s potential and send the young man to Spain together with his brother Manuel to study at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid.
In his gathering were Luna’s close friends Jose Rizal and many more.

As expected, his spanish tutor Vera was deeply impressed with Luna’s skills, so much so that when he had to undertake commissions in Rome, he would take his student with him.

Luna lived in dire poverty during his first few months in Rome and it was amid such surroundings that he painted The Death of Cleopatra; what gave him his first international prize in 1881 and fame that the artist was invited to paint a canvas for the Spanish government Spoliarium

The Provincial Committee of Barcelona bought the Spoliarium for 20,000 pesos and Lune married Paz Pardo de Tavera

After 17 years of being away, Luna came home on April 27, 1894 and did some paintings of Philippine scenes.
Two years later he was arrested for suspected sedition.

Luna’s brother Antonio was an active participant of the insurgent Katipunan movement. Fortunately, Luna was among those pardoned during the birthday of King Alfonso XIII on May 27, 1897; and on the following month, he again left for Spain.

Juan Luna at this Jose Rizal had founded the Indios Bravos who where the most famous swordsmen and instructed Juan Luna who became the propagandist

After the Spanish-American War of 1898, Luna was appointed delegate to the Paris Convention which worked for the diplomatic recognition of the Philippine Republic.

Mariano Ponce, Jose Rizal, and Juan Luna

Luna died in Hong Kong on December 7, 1899, upon hearing of his brother’s assassination by soldiers loyal to General Emilio Aguinaldo

Spoliarium, the Philippine Revolution beginning with a painting,”